Professional Profile:

Fara Modje Asia (FMA) is a Private Company, founded in 2002 by experienced managers of Electronic and Telecom Systems.

FMA’s main focus is to supply high quality Electronic components and communication solutions to Iranian manufacturers.

FMA Co. Values:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Quality and speed
  • Business Development and Novelty
  • Continues Improvement

Our Mission:

We have set ourselves mainly for two areas to cover:

  1.  Highly skilled consultancy and services to telecommunication industry.
  2. Sourcing and procurement of electronic equipments and components.

With above missions we aim to provide our best to build a fruitful partnership to general contractors of the Iranian telecom industry.

Abilities and Services:

FMA CO. management resource includes a number of I.T.C. managers who are well known to the telecommunication market players in Iran and European countries. Their many years of experience in managerial level can support any technical implementation activities. Knowledge on organization and structuring as well as practices in telecommunication companies such as T.C.I. – T.C.T, and T.C.P. is a valuable and available potential which can be facilitated any relevant activities in telecommunication fields.


  1. EPCOS (Germany) distributer of passive electronic components.
  2. Huber & Suhner (Switzerland) exclusive representation for providing Radio Frequency and Fiber Optic cables and connectors.
  3. Provision of passive and active electronic segments from reliable sources.
  4. Project kitting services.
  5. Designing and producing payphone with management system software by Iranian experts.
  6. Production of telecommunication protections.
  7. Provision of telecommunication equipments starting from wireless GSM terminal, HDSL…..
  8. Providing technical consultancy and executing phone and mobile projects.