Huber & Suhner


In 1882 Hans Rudolf Huber opened his own cotton thread mill in Pfäffikon, Switzerland. He thereby laid the cornerstone for the subsequent Aktiengesellschaft R.+E. Huber. Because the textile industry was very volatile, R. Huber started winding cotton yarn around iron wire for the ladies’ hat industry.

Few years later he recognised the need of the emerging electrical engineering industry for insulated wire. He did not hesitate to seize this opportunity and began wrapping copper wires with textiles. The company continuously extended its product range during 1890 to 1950 to solid rubber tyres, cobber brands, hard-rubber linings for the chemical industry, telephone cable, resistor wire, and pneumatic car tyres.

At the same time Gottlieb Suhner, a machinist, opened a workshop on the ground floor of a rented dwelling house in Herisau, Switzerland. There he produced metal components for hand looms, starting what would later become Suhner & Co. AG. He soon shifted his activities to the construction of auxiliary equipment for the embroidery industry.

After World War I in 1928, Suhner gradually extended his line of

products to hard and soft rubber mouldings for engineering applications, overhead conductor materials, container and pipe linings, and roller coatings. The company expanded continuously: it started the injection moulding shop (brand name “Suconit”) and began producing “Sucoflor” flooring.

In the years after 1948, the company opened new branches in Tie

fe near Herisau, in Schwellbrunn and later on in Winkeln.

The two traditional family-owned companies Aktiengesellschaft

R.+E. Huber and Suhner & Co. AG merged in 1969. Merging into HUBER+SUHNER AG, the company focuses on the product units “Cable and Cable Systems” as well as “Telecommunications.”

Having overcome the bursting of the ITC bubble and the ensuing economic downturn in the early 2000s, HUBER+SUHNER now is in robust shape due to extensive restructuring measures. By applying its 3×3 strategy of three core competencies -radio frequency, fiber optics and low frequency- in three main markets -communication, transportation and industrial- HUBER+SUHNER has become a leading global supplier of components and systems for electrical and optical connectivity.

Excellence in Connectivity Solutions continues to be geared for the future.

Company Portfolio

The global Swiss company HUBER+SUHNER develops and manufactures components and system solutions for electrical and optical transportation of data and energy. The company serves customers in the Communication, Transportation and Industrial markets with cables, connectors, cable systems, antennas and other passive components relying on its expertise in radio frequency, fiber optics and low frequency technologies. The products stand out due to their exceptional quality, reliability and durability – even under harsh environmental conditions. HUBER+SUHNER maintains close relationships with its customers in more than 60 countries as the result of its global production network, own group companies and sales offices, as well as numerous distributors. The company captures promising markets with its ground-breaking developments.