EPCOS was created in 1999 from Siemens Matsushita Components, which was a joint venture of Siemens AG and Matsushita in 1989. The stock opened on 15 October 1999 at the same time in Frankfurt and New York, with Siemens and Matsushita holding interests of 12.5% each. In 2006 Siemens sold its shares of Epcos.

In October 2006 Matsushita also sold its holdings. TDK Corporation agreed to acquire a controlling stake in the company on 31 July 2008.


After complete acquisation of EPCOS by TDK on October 1, 2009 the TDK-EPC cooperation with about 36.000 employees (worldwide) was founded in Japan.




Seven business groups are in operation for both TDK and EPCOS brand products, organized according to product categories.
Ceramic Capacitors
Systems, Acoustics, Waves
Piezo & Protection Devices
Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
Film Capacitors
Locations and Plant

In Germany Epcos has production location in

Heidenheim (capacitors, inductors and ferrites),
Berlin (sensors),
Munich (SAW components).
Worldwide Epcos operates production facilities in

Brazil (Gravatai),
Spain (Malaga),
India (Nashik, Kalyani),
Hungary (Szombathely),
Austria (Deutschlandsberg),
USA (Palo Alto),
Czech Republic (Sumperk),